6'4 Dominator

6'4 Spitfire

Tech View / Graphic View

Surface Area is the measurement of the planing area on the bottom of the board. It is a good indicator of lift beyond paddling speeds (5mph).

Balance Point is measured from the tail. This tells you how the volume and surface area are distributed lengthwise. If the Center of Buoyancy is below the midpoint, then the bottom half of the board has more volume and more surface area.

Stability is related to the distribution of surface area. This indicates how stable you will be at low speeds. A stability value of 1.00 would indicate that a 150lb surfer does not even need to be moving to stand stably on a surfboard...Most SUP's stability values are greater than 1.00. The lower the stability value, the more speed the surfer needs to stay stable. Essentially better surfers can ride boards with a lower stability ratings.