Diverse Wave Dominator - 6'3

Wave Domination... Dave designed this board with inspiration from one of the hottest surfers on the ASP world tour who likes to have fun surfing too! Dane Reynolds rides a Roberts White Diamond model Surfboard when he wants to play. The Wave Dominator or WD for short is a hybrid shortboard designed to catch all the waves you paddle for, meanwhile performing at an extremly high level. The wider outline with a pulled in nose give great flow & speed, round this off with the snappy response of the Diamond Tail. The WD features a deck with a flat crown tapering off to a modern foiled rail creating volume to spare... We make them with 5 fin plugs so your options of a Quad fin or even a Twin fin setup on smaller waves thru to a thruster for the juice sets you up for any day. Best Ridden 4-6" shorter & 1-1.5" wider, Now you can choose which waves your going to leave for others to scrap over, while you Dominate the best of the sets.

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